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Finished Theses

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2019 2020

  • Vergleichender Wasserfußabdruck von Pullovern aus Modal, Baumwolle und Polyester,
    Nicolas Hübner, Bachelor’s Thesis, February 2020
  • Nachhaltige Mode: Ökobilanzierung von Lyocellfasern,
    Alicia Pantermöller, Bachelor’s Thesis, January 2020
  • Sustainable Fashion: a review of textile ecolabels,
    Felice Diekel, Bachelor’s Thesis, December 2019
  • Method to assess company specific critically aspects within ESSENZ,
    Kim Maya Yavor, Master's Thesis, July 2019
  • Calculation Methodologies for Carbon Offsetting: A Life Cycle Perspective,
    Rosalie Arendt, Master's Thesis, March 2019
  • Environmental and social assessment of a menstrual cup from a life cycle perspective,
    Cristina Vilabrille Paz, Master's Thesis, January 2019
  • Quantifizierung der Auswirkungen der Better Cotton Initiative auf den Wasserfußabdruck in der Baumwolle-Textil-Lieferkette,
    Sara Nitzsche, Bachelor’s Thesis, March 2019
  • Quantifizierung der Auswirkungen des Wasserfußabdrucks auf die Erreichung des UN-Nachhaltigkeitsziels 6.6 am Beispiel der Region Punjab, Pakistan,
    Lea Schwengbeck, Bachelor’s Thesis, March 2019
  • Quantifizierung der Auswirkungen des GOTS Ökolabels auf den Wasserfußabdruck in der Baumwolle-Textil-Lieferkette,
    Daria Blizniukova, Bachelor’s Thesis, March 2019
  • Aktuelle und zukünftige Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie im Schienenverkehr,
    Egor Golubkov, Bachelor's Thesis, February 2019


  • Entwicklung einer Methode zur Quantifizierung der UN-Nachhaltigkeitsziele mittels des Wasserfußabdrucks,
    Anne Liesbeth Gerda Lange, Master's Thesis, December 2018
  • Einfluss von Ökolabeln auf den Wasserfuß-abdruck der Baumwollproduktion,
    Katharina Terörde, Bachelor's Thesis, October 2018
  • Erstellung eines Indikatorensets zur Bestimmung der Nachhaltigkeit an Hochschulen unter Berücksichtigung der Sustainable Development Goals,
    Volkan Göl, Bachelor's Thesis, September 2018
  • Exploring the potential for decision support of science-based and policy-based weighting of life cycle impact assessment results,
    Joke Czapla, Master's Thesis, July 2018
  • Sind Carbon Capture and Utilization und Biokunststoffe Technologien der Zukunft? Bewertung der Ressourceneffizienz drei verschiedener Technologien zur Herstellung von Polyurethan,
    Kerim Zaidi, Master's Thesis, May 2018
  • Sustainability Assessment – Comparing an Electric Ridesharing System with Conventional Taxi Service,
    Antonia Schein, Master's Thesis, May 2018
  • Evaluation von Recyclingmöglichkeiten und Analyse ihrer Auswirkung auf die Ökobilanz eines luftisolierten Leistungsschalters Typ Live Tank 145kV,
    Pina Schlombs, Master's Thesis, February 2018

up 2017

  • Social Labels and Claims in the Textile and Clothing Industry. Evaluation and Improvement Suggestions ,
    Na Wang, Master's Thesis, September 2017
  • Utilizing LCA based emission results to determine local air pollution problems in cities,
    Niklas van Dijk, Bachelor’s Thesis, March 2017
  • Reducing industrial emissions in Chinese cities: A technology-driven assessment model for the cement sector,
    Alexander Cremer, Master-Thesis, February 2017

up 2016

  • Analysis and further development of existing methods for the evaluation of soil quality in LCA,
    Christoph Freude, Master-Thesis, December 2016
  • An environmental assessment of hydropower production in India: the real costs of dams’ construction under a life cycle perspective,
    Giorgio Bidoglio, Master-Thesis, December 2016
  • Development of indicators to assess the resource efficiency of secondary raw material using the example of steel and copper,
    Irmak-Cagla Naz, Master's Thesis, November 2016
  • Concept Development for the Reform of the Electricity Sector in Grenada: Road Map to a Sustainable Energy System,
    Johanna Rebecca Röse, Master's Thesis, November 2016
  • Social & Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Condoms,
    Maik Birnbach, Master's Thesis, September 2016
  • Data Quality Rating in Life Cycle Assessments. Development and implementation of a concept for ensuring data quality at a chemical company,
    Maike Pieper, Master's Thesis, September 2016
  • Assessing Organic Agriculture along The Three Dimensions of Sustainability: an Analysis Tool for Methodologies & Indicators,
    Flavio Faleroni, Master's Thesis, February, 2016

up 2015

  • Low-cost gravity-driven water purification system with high user adaption – Building a prototype for Tanzania,
    Jakob Janusz Drzazga, Master's Thesis, October 2015
  • Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of a T-Shirt by means of the Tiered approach,
    Justus Caspers, Master's Thesis, August 2015
  • Microplastic in the marine environment: A Life Cycle Assessment approach,
    Leonie Gildei, Master's Thesis, May 2015
  • Evaluation of Ocean Acidification in Life Cycle Assessment,
    Franziska Möller, Master's Thesis, February 2015
  • Comparison of the environmental impacts of thin film solar cells and crystalline solar cells,
    Mohamed Helmy, Master's Thesis, February 2015

up 2014

  • LCA Process Dataset for U.S. Municipal Wastewater Treatment
    Sebastian Birke, Bachelor's Thesis, October 2014
  • Developing a resource consumption footprint to assess sustainability of mobile phones
    Tobias Helbig, Master's Thesis, August 2014
  • Benchmarking and Environmental Performance Classes in Life Cycle Assessment. Development and Application of a Procedure on the Example of Running Shoes in the Context of the Product Environmental Footprint
    Sarah Gül, Master's Thesis, July 2014
  • Sustainability Assessment of Private and Public Urban Passenger Transport in Mumbai, India
    Denis Machnik, Diploma Thesis, Juni 2014
  • Application of carbon footprint methods for the evaluation of different supply and user scenarios of electric mobility
    Jan Christian Polonía Giese, Diploma Thesis, January 2014

up 2013

  • Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Small and Medium Sized Off-grid PV Systems in Rural Areas
    Byungguk Hwang, Master's Thesis, March 2013

up 2012

  • Plastics industry manufacturing under consideration of ecological & sustainable aspects
    Achilleas Venetsanakis, Master's Thesis, December 2012
  • Integration of biogenic carbon in carbon footprint studies – current status and possible progress
    Yuva Karthik, Master's Thesis, October 2012
  • The Carbon Footprint of the LCM2011 Conference
    Sebastian Rienäcker, Bachelor's Thesis, June 2012
  • Application of a Social Life Cycle Assessment on the Columbian Cut Flower Industry
    Jan Christian Polonia-Giese, Project work, March 2012

up 2011

  • Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) of Water Treatment
    Myroslava Dubinetska, Master's Thesis, October 2011
  • Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) of Technologies for waste water treatment and Sanitation
    Venkat Naveen Kommi, Master's Thesis, October 2011
  • On the Use of Life Cycle Costing within Life Cycle Sustainability assessment
    Stefan Claus, Bachelor's Thesis, March 2011

up 2010

  • Decision and Data Uncertainty Analysis of GHG Assessment and Reporting
    Florian Jaeger, Diploma Thesis, December 2010
  • Comparative Life Cycle Assessment: paper-based layer compound material with conventional form-pressed plywood in industrial furniture design
    Frank Koblitz, Bachelor’s Thesis, September 2010

up 2008

  • Production of activated carbon from vehicle tyres
    Sofia Garcia Cortés, Project work, July 2008

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